About Us

The Experience

Bolillo Tortas invites you to experience a true piece of Mexican culture. The centerpiece of the brand is the concept of combining traditional and modern forms to create one cohesive collection. From the food to the murals and the proverbs, every aspect of the restaurant is designed to open your eyes to the unique character that is Mexico.

The Culture

A Falta de Tortillas, Tortas!
Where the tortilla has failed, the torteria will succeed. Discover a different side of Mexican cuisine that is flavorful, clean, thoughtful and comfortable. Bolillo Tortas cares about creating a culture of warmth when you enter its doors. In the European style, when you sit down for a meal, the experience is as important as the food. Stay and relax. Be fed physically, spiritually and intellectually.

The Mission

Bolillo Tortas believes in providing the highest quality food for the best price. Its mission is to be the most important torteria in America and to be an ambassador of the true Mexican culture. We seek to combine the best flavors of a diverse country and deliver them in a singular experience that teaches your mouth about the flavors, your mind about the culture, and your eyes about the beauty of Mexico.

Bolillo Torta

A mucha hambre, no hay pan duro.

For a good appetite there is no hard bread.

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